Opera dei Pupi
La Compagnia dei Pupari Vaccaro-Mauceri

Sicilian “Pupi” (marionettes) are a tradition that dates from the early 19th century and that has earned UNESCO World Heritage status. This form of puppetry animates the tales of a traveling story-teller, and draws on the once wildly popular medieval-renaissance chivalric romances about the adventures of the knights of Charlemagne in battle with the Saracens, as well as stories of bandits, Garibaldi and the Italian union, and myths and tragedies of Siracusa. The Vaccaro-Mauceri Company is widely considered among the mostly skilled and sensitive of Sicilian puppeteers.

Antigone by Sophocles
The Greek Theatre Festival

The Greek Theater Festival in Siracusa is one of the cultural highlights of the Italian year. Performed in the city’s evocative amphitheater, each play features well-known Italian actors and directors. This evening we will experience the tragedy of Antigone, the daughter of the accidentally incestuous marriage between Oedipus and Jocasta.

An Evening of Arabic and World Music for Interspiritual Peace
with local artists and the Ramzi Harrabi Ensemble

This evening performance will evoke the poignant legacy of Ibn Hamdi, Siracusa’s great Arabic poet, and convey a message of tolerance and mutual understanding among the world’s cultures and religions. The performance will feature local artists from Siracusa and Ramzi Harrabi, an award-winning Tunisian poet, singer and painter who uses his art to connect religions and cultures.