Journey through Sicily
June 18 – 23 or June 18 – 25, 2013
With Douglas Kenning, Ph.D.

After a week in Siracusa where the first golden age of Sicily flowered, we embark on a journey to Sicily’s places of deepest resonance, traveling around the island in a clockwise manner. We depart for the high plateau town of Enna, older than any Greek city, from where we will gaze across Sicily, as did Demeter, seeking sign of her daughter Persephone. We continue to the Roman Villa del Casale at Piazza Armerina with the greatest mosaic floors of the ancient world. We then travel further out across rolling countryside to Agrigento, whose temples surpass those in Greece itself.  Heading west along the remote south coast brings us to the ruins of the Greek city of Selinunte on its evocative windswept site, and then to Motzia, among the salt flats and romantic windmills of far western Sicily, where we visit this Carthaginian city and its oddly exotic evidences of Canaanite religion. We continue to Erice and tour the ancient mountaintop town founded by Aphrodite, ruled by Hercules, where a cult of sex, from Astarte to Venus, once flourished. We then turn north to visit the incomparably beautiful temple in Segesta, which Virgil tells us was founded by ├ćneas. We take a walking tour of the incredible sites of old Palermo, including gems like the Palatine Chapel. After eating in a place famous both for its Slow Food quality and its anti-Mafia stance, we travel up to Monreale to visit one of the greatest of cathedrals with acres of stories in gold leaf.

Those wishing to complete the 7-day full circuit of Sicily then travel along the coast to Cefal├╣, site of another great Norman Cathedral with its exquisite golden mosaics and of the stunning La Rocca, where we find a temple of Diana. Our journey then takes us into the Madonie Mountains to stay at the ancient Sant’Anastasia Abbey. Our final night finds us in Taormina, below the slopes of Mt. Etna, for a discussion of the Odyssey and other stories of this coast, and visits to sites radiant with the town’s glittering past. From there it is a short journey to Catania airport.

Price: $1860 per person in double accommodations; $2155 in single accommodations

Includes all accommodations and all meals through breakfast on the 23rd, air-conditioned coach, entrance fees, fully-guided tour and transfer to Palermo’s Centrale railway station on the 23rd

Price: $2275 per person in double accommodations; $2800 in single accommodations

Includes all of the above plus all additional meals, entrance fees, accommodations, air-conditioned coach, and transfer from Taormina to Catania International Airport on the 25th

Please Note: As with our pre-conference trip, all activities during our post-conference journey are physically easy, for anyone with a normal ability to walk on a loose gravelly surface and climb a few flights of stairs. Sturdy shoes, however, are an absolute must.

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