Conference Schedule

August 20Arrival in the Sacred Valley
Afternoon Ceremony
Welcome Dinner
August 21 and 22Pre-Conference: Spiritual Sites and Ceremonies of the Sacred Valley
Main Conference
August 22Welcome Dinner and Orientation
August 23 and 24Conference in The Sacred Valley - morning plenaries, afternoon workshops, evening cultural events or ceremony
August 25 Machu Picchu - train travel and day of exploration
Overnight in Aguas Calientes
August 26 Travel to Cusco
Afternoon workshops
Evening ceremony
August 27 Conference in Cusco - morning plenaries, optional afternoon excursions to Corikancha and Saqsaywaman.
Afternoon workshops, closing circle, dinner and show
August 28 Main Conference Only
Participants depart from Cusco
Lake Titicaca Post Conference
August 28Post Conference travel to Lake Titicaca
Visit to Viracocha
August 29 Optional boat trip to the floating islands of Uros, and Taquile
August 30 Optional excursion to visit the Inca Uyu fertility temple or relaxation
August 31 Coach transfer to Juliaca Airport for departures
Post Conference Bolivia
August 28 and 29 As above on Lake Titicaca
August 30Travel to Bolivia - Copacabana, and the Islands of the Sun and Moon
August 31 Travel to Chuquiñapi retreat on Lake Titicaca
September 1 Tour and ceremony at Tiwanaku
Travel to La Paz
September 2 La Paz and El Alto - museums and culture, indigenous activists and sustainability practitioners
September 3Departure from La Paz
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