Ceremonial Activities


Throughout the Quest, various sacred ceremonies will be conducted by Paqos, shamans from the Q’ero people native to the region who have maintained the wisdom, practices, and insights of the Incas. These are intended to deepen our relationship with the three worlds of the heavens, the earth and the underworld that lie at the heart of this spiritual tradition. The experience of these rituals will be an integral part of the Quest.





Sacred River Ceremony  - a ceremony in which we will use the Cuyas river stones said to possess healing qualities


Fire Ceremony -  a ceremony of the sacredness of fire, intended to liberate us from regressive or negative patterns and tendencies that we do not need to carry anymore.


Mama Coca Ceremony at the ancient site of Moray - in which prayers and requests are made to Mother Earth, and an offering is given to Her



At the Conference:


An Evening Ceremony with Ancestral Music - which aims to harmonize the seven relationships in life – with Mother Earth, Father Sun, family, neighbors, the past, the future and with ourselves


A Closing Ceremony (Hatun) - in Cusco at the end of the conference during which we will set our intentions for work, love and good health


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