The Cathar Story
Son et Lumiėre Spectacle

The gripping and tragic tale of the Cathars will be projected in a son et lumiėre spectacle. The medieval music, narrative and striking imagery convey a powerful sense of this poignant and soulful history.

Sacred and Archaic Occitane Music, Chant and Dance
Terra Maïre

Drawing on the rich tradition of Occitane culture, this evening features the intertwined, mystical voices of mother and daughter combination Marie-Ange and Beatriz. Terra Maïre means Mother Earth in the Occitane language, and the effect of these medieval and sacred melodies is a sense of the deep memories of earth and sky felt by the ancestors of this region.

A Musical Performance in the Tradition of the Troubadours

This evening features music performed on string, wind and rhythm instruments  fashioned from medieval models found in sculpture, texts and manuscripts to reproduce genuine Troubadour sounds. The repertoire includes original songs from the chansonniers as well as music with a contemporary twist drawing on Troubadour vocal styles and compositional forms.