Kayleen Asbo, Ph.D., holds four advanced degrees in mythological studies, psychology and music. She is the Artistic Director for the Mythica Foundation and is a faculty member of the San Francisco Conservatory of Music and the Osher Lifelong Learning Institutes at UC Berkeley, Dominican University and Sonoma State University. She has led workshops, retreats and pilgrimages throughout the world on the mythology of Mary Magdalene for the past ten years.

Christopher Bamford is the editorial director of SteinerBooks and Lindisfarne Press. He is the author of An Endless Trace: The Passionate Pursuit of Wisdom in the West, co-author of Green Hermeticism: Alchemy and Ecology, and has written numerous introductions to the works of Rudolf Steiner.

Steve Bass, M.A., has practiced as an architect in New York City since 1974. He holds a Master of Arts degree from the Royal College of Art, London, where he studied under the direction of Keith Critchlow, and has been visiting assistant professor of architecture at Notre Dame University. He is a fellow of the Institute of Classical Architecture and is author of the forthcoming Proportion in Architecture.

Bertran de La Farge is the author of four books on the Cathar tradition: La Voie Cathare, Lumières Cathares, Raimon VI, Le Comte Excommunié, and La Croix Occitane. He is the founder of Convergencia Occitana, a gathering of 85 organizations engaged with Occitane culture, and is currently researching Cathar manuscripts written in Occitanian on their rituals and interpretation of the New Testament.

Leonard George, Ph.D., is a Canadian psychologist, educator, author and broadcaster. His academic affiliations include Capilano University, Simon Fraser University and the University of British Columbia. Author of two books, Crimes of Perception and Alternative Realities, he has been focused for many years on the spirituality of antiquity and as an advisor to the Esoteric Quest conferences.

Malcolm Kennard, Ph.D., has had a diverse career as an academic with many peer-reviewed publications both in science and the arts.

Gauthier Langlois studied Archaeology and History at the Universities of Paris and Toulouse, is a member of the Society of Catharism Studies and a specialist in the Middle Ages in Southern France. He is well known for his biography of the Cathar knight and crusader Oliver de Termes, and is a contributor to the journal Archéothéma on the subject of Cathar Castles.

Terra Maïre is a unique a cappella duo whose repertoire is rooted in the sacred and ancient music of the south of France. Taking their name from the Occitan words for Mother Earth, Terra Maïre is comprised of mother and daughter singers Marie-Ange and Beatriz.  Their immersion into the chants, prayers and laments of their heritage has led them to also explore the neighboring vocal traditions of the Basque Country and Catalonia.

Leigh J McCloskey is an artist, actor, author and visual philosopher. His Grimoire toured with the Rolling Stones and his Codex Tor is the art for Flying Lotus’ album “Cosmogramma”. His book and art for Tarot ReVisioned is a masterwork of Hermetic wisdom and beauty. His home Olandar hosts weekly philosophical discussions, screenings and public gatherings. Leigh has lived his public life as an actor starring in many films and television shows, and as a storyteller and lecturer presenting around the world. www.leighmccloskey.com

James McDonald is a historian and writer. He holds a number of professional qualifications as well as an MA from Oxford University, and an MSc from Sussex University. For the last 18 years he has lived in the Languedoc. He is the author of a number of books and has recently published an annotated English translation of Voltaire’s writings on the Cathars.

Scott Olsen, Ph.D., is a Professor of Philosophy and Comparative Religion at the College of Central Florida and the author of The Golden Section: Nature’s Greatest Secret which was awarded first place for design by the Bookbinders’ Guild of New York. Scott lectures widely on the Perennial Philosophy with special emphasis on the Divine Proportion and Transformative States of Consciousness.

Karen Ralls, Ph.D., medieval historian and religions scholar, was Curator of the Rosslyn Chapel Museum Art exhibition prior to relocating to Oxford, where she continues her specialist 12th to 14th century research. Her books include The Templars and the Grail, The Knights Templar Encyclopedia, and the forthcoming Sacred Doorways: History, Lore, Places and Symbolism of Twelve Medieval Mysteries.

Marjorie Roth, DMA, Ph.D., is Associate Professor of Music at Nazareth College in Rochester, NY, where she teaches Music History, Studio Flute, and Women’s Studies, and directs the Honors program.   She recently published in a collection of essays on Music & Esotericism and has presented at several Esoteric Quest conferences, including on “Divine Women: Cleopatra and Hypatia” in Alexandria, Egypt and on “Music, Magic and Medicine in Magna Graecia” in Sicily.

Yuri Stoyanov, Ph.D., is based at the Department of the Near and Middle East, School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London, and is currently a Senior Fellow at the Albright Institute of Archaeological Research, Jerusalem. He has published widely on the interaction between mystical and esoteric currents in Zoroastrianism, Judaism, Christianity and Islam and their survival into the modern era. His publications include The Hidden Tradition in Europe and The Other God.

Ralph White is co-founder and senior fellow of the New York Open Center, one of America’s leading institutions of holistic learning. He has directed and organized a series of eleven international conferences on Western Esotericism, of which this is the latest. He is the author of the forthcoming memoir, The Jeweled Highway: On the Quest for a Life of Meaning.