Among Cathars and Troubadours:
A Pre-Conference Day at the Castles of Montségur and Puivert

June 3, 2015

With James McDonald

Esoteric Quest Chateau Montsegur

The dramatic site of Montségur lies an hour from Carcassonne and is the iconic Cathar castle, ‘the head and the seat’ of the Cathar Church and a place deeply imbued with historical significance. In the morning, we will climb to the castle and contemplate both its beauty and its tragic fall in 1244 which signaled the end of all Cathar resistance. This is a highly evocative location from which to reflect on the Albigensian Crusade, its profound disruption of the refined culture of Medieval Languedoc, and the courage of those who resisted the attacks. After lunch in a secluded restaurant specializing in traditional food, we will visit Puivert, a castle owned by a Cathar family known to have been patrons to many Troubadours and the site of a museum focused on the Troubadours and their music. Here we will conclude our day by attuning to the joyful birth of romantic love and erotic mysticism, and their gifts to the future.

Cost: $225 per person
Includes all entrance fees, ground transport, fully-guided tour, and lunch and dinner on the 3rd. Two nights’ accommodations in Carcassonne are priced separately (see HERE for details).