Join us on a Quest…To the new and reborn Egypt. The allure and fascination of Alexandria charmed countless generations of philosophers and writers drawn through the centuries to this supreme meeting place of ideas and peoples. Alexandria was the archetypal cosmopolis and it was here that philosophers gave shape to a more brilliant and complete understanding of the world, filled with both science and mystery, to which we today are all indebted.

Our goal will be to bring vividly to life the profound and beautiful ancient worldview that emerged in antiquity’s most influential center of culture and esoteric wisdom, the authentic birthplace of the Western mind.

The conference also includes expeditions to sacred sites in and around Alexandria and evenings featuring music and poetry of the city. We meet each day along the Corniche at the Bibliotheca Alexandrina, the contemporary successor to the ancient library, close to the site of its illustrious predecessor and the perfect starting point from which to contemplate the genius and enduring influence of this extraordinary place.