Journey to Cyprus:
of Aphrodite, Crossroads of Civilizations
June 15th to 20th

With Kyriacos Markides and others

During the Ptolemaic Era, the island of Cyprus fell within Alexandria’s sphere of influence and reached a cultural apex in the time of Cleopatra. Renowned as the birthplace of the goddess Aphrodite, Cyprus’ proximity to Asia and the Middle East has led to a long and fascinating history at the crossroads of Eastern and Western civilizations. Romans, Byzantines, Ottomans and Venetians have all passed through and left their mark. During our time on this resplendent and fascinating island, we will visit ancient archeological sites in Kourion and Paphos, meditate in the serene and beautiful monasteries of Mesopotamos and Kykkos in the Troödos Mountains, surrounded by peaceful and pristine forests, enjoy traditional villages with their warm hospitality, and find plenty of time to relish the blue Mediterranean waters and the unspoiled nature of the Akamas Peninsula on Cyprus’ far western tip. Our last three nights will be spent by the sea near Polis in an atmosphere of fresh breezes, sunlight, and the calm, steady rhythm of breaking waves. We will be joined on our Quest by Kyriacos Markides, author of Mountain of Silence and The Magus of Strovolos,  whose many books on the spiritual culture of Cyprus bring alive the path of Eastern Mystical Christianity and also describe how more syncretic esoteric streams continue to evolve amidst this ancient culture.

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