Gods and Goddesses of Ancient Egypt
June 14th to 19th

With Normandi Ellis

On this journey to Upper Egypt, we will investigate the ancient sites linked to the archetypal goddesses Isis, Mut and Hathor and the gods Osiris, Amun and Horus, with Normandi Ellis, author of Dreams of Isis, Feasts of Light and Awakening Osiris, the last of which has been called an “ecstatic and poetic translation of hieroglyphs from the Egyptian Book of the Dead”. We will fly from Cairo to Luxor on the 17th, and the following day walk through Karnak, the largest temple complex in Egypt, contemplating the mysteries of creation, the serenity of its lake, and the might of its pharaohs. At Luxor Temple we decode the hidden symbolism first revealed by Schwaller de Lubicz, and discover its relationship to the divinity of the pharaohs and queens who ruled Egypt. On our next morning, we visit the Temple of Osiris at Abydos and explore the mysterious Osierion and the chapels dedicated to the mysteries of the death and resurrection of Osiris and the divine conception of the god Horus. We then travel to the temple of Hathor, goddess of joy, love and beauty, ruler of sun and moon, and take time to observe the astrological ceilings at Dendera. The next morning, we pass the Colossi of Memnon, the statue of a God who once sang to welcome the dawn, on our way to the mortuary temple of Hatshepsut, a woman pharaoh as fascinating as Cleopatra. In the Valley of the Kings we will see the beautiful painted tomb of Siptah and learn the sacred hours of the night through which all souls must pass. On our final day, we sail Lake Nasser to the Greco-Roman Temple of Isis on the Island of Philae to experience the last temple of Ancient Egypt which closed in 642 CE. Throughout this profound journey there will be an emphasis, for those who wish, on transforming our impressions into memoir writing.