An Esoteric Quest in Bulgaria: At the Crossroads of the Mysteries

In Plovdiv, Bulgaria, the Oldest Living City in Europe
August 22-27, 2019

Suggested Reading

The Other God: Dualist Religions from Antiquity to the Cathar Heresy
by Yuri Stoyanov

The Golden Thread: The Ageless Wisdom of the Western Mystery Traditions by Joscelyn Godwin
Music, Mysticism and Magic:
A Sourcebook
by Joscelyn Godwin

The Raven King: Matthias Corvinus and the Fate of his Lost Library
by Marcus Tanner
The Balkans: Nationalism, War and the Great Powers, 1804-1999
by Misha Glenny

A Guide to Roman Bulgaria by Dimana Trankova, Milena Raycheva and Anthony Georgieff

Thracian Magic, Past & Present: The Folklore and Magical Practices of the Balkans
by Georgi Mishev

Orpheus & Eurydice: A Lyric Sequence
by Gregory Orr
The Secret Lore of Music: The Hidden Power of Orpheus
by Fabre d'Olivet (Author), Joscelyn Godwin (Translator)

Dionysus in Thrace: Ancient Entheogenic Themes in the Mythology and Archeology of Northern Greece, Bulgaria and Turkey
by Carl A.P. Ruck (Editor)

Osman's Dream: The History of the Ottoman Empire
by Caroline Finkel
Popular Sufism in Eastern Europe
by H.T. Norris

Along the Enchanted Way: A Story of Love and Life in Romania by William Blacker
Sonnets to Orpheus
By Rainer Maria Rilke
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