An Esoteric Quest in Bulgaria: At the Crossroads of the Mysteries

In Plovdiv, Bulgaria, the Oldest Living City in Europe
August 22-27, 2019

Bulgaria: From the Cave of Orpheus
to the Black Sea
with Yuri Stoyanov, Ph.D.
August 27 - September 1, 2019

Our Post-Conference Journey into Bulgaria begins with our traveling deep into the mystical Rhodope Mountains to the majestic Trigrad Gorge. Here we will enter a great cavern, said to be the route by which Orpheus descended into the Underworld in search of his wife, Eurydice. It is filled with the resounding echoes of the highest underground waterfall in the Balkans as it plunges into the earth.

We will spend the night in the nearby spa town of Devin, famous since ancient times for the healing benefits of its mineral springs.

The following day we drive to the Thracian sanctuary of Tatul, one of the most imposing megalithic monuments in Bulgaria, where many religious artifacts - including figures of the Sun God - have been found.

We continue on to Perperikon, the largest megalithic archaeological site in the Balkans, where a temple of Dionysus stood, and near to which crucial prophecies for Alexander the Great are said to have been uttered.

After spending the night in the refreshing air and peaceful greenery of the village of Glavatartsi, we will drive towards the Black Sea to visit the megalithic site of Beglic Tas, used by Thracian tribes in the Iron Age.

Further along the coast, our next stop is the elegant city of Nessebar, a UNESCO World Heritage site and former Greek colony, known as the Black Sea Ravenna due to its numerous ancient churches. Situated on a promontory jutting into the sea, the cobbled streets of its Old Town are filled with Byzantine-era ruins and baths. After a free morning enjoying its delights, we visit the Aladzha cave monastery, first inhabited by early medieval Orthodox Christian hermits, where we hope to hear a choir perform the sacred music sung there for centuries.

Finally, we arrive at the port city of Varna, established in the 6th century BC. This lively seaside town is home to a fascinating archaeological museum filled with antiquities from its Greek, Roman and Ottoman past - including the famous Varna Gold,the world’s oldest gold treasure - as well as the exquisite Roman baths where we will spend our final morning. However, no exploration of Bulgaria’s coastline would be complete without time enjoying its beautiful golden sand beaches, the Black Sea so vast it seems to stretch forever along the horizon.

Price: $1115 per person in double accommodations; $1250 in single accommodations

Includes five nights’ accommodations, most meals through breakfast on the 1st, guided tour, all entrance fees and all ground transport through the 31st of August

Click HERE for full itinerary.

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